Print Favorites for Word 1.5: An easy way to manage your print work in Word

Print Favorites for Word 1.5

Favorites, you now can manipulate those print options as easy as with favorites in Internet Explorer. Print Favorites will remember each combination of different option values for you, for example, the print options for printing booklet, for report draft, for placard,etc., and printing all those materials is just one click away. Print Favorites helps you saving time, reducing printing cost. Print Favorites adopts an easy to use way to manage those

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Tidy Favorites 3.5

Are you tired of searching for sites in a long Favorites list? If so, this program is for you. It allows you to arrange all the sites in the Favorites. Your Favorites looks neat, and you can easily and quickly find any site you want. For example, you can create a special "News" category, and when opening the Favorites you will see a "News" section (instead of a list of the news) in which you will find the site you need.


Peek-A-Boo Favorites 2.0: Peek-A-Boo Favorites, a visual bookmark manager you preview web page snapshots

Peek-A-Boo Favorites 2.0

Favorites supports Bookmarks in Internet Explorer, Firefox and Google Chrome browsers all at the same time with out having to import any bookmarks. You can manage these bookmarks without importing or exporting the bookmarks. It will also detect duplicated links and dead links allowing you to either delete them or updated them. You can text search across your favorite pages content. You can sort your favorites by folder, A to Z listing, web site or

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My Personal Favorites 3.3: Create a private workspace -- keep your private web site preferences private.

My Personal Favorites 3.3

Favorites. My Personal Favorites runs hidden on your system so that no one else but you will know it is there. Convenient and easy to use, you simply press a key combination to add a site to your My Personal Favorites list. To visit a book-marked site, simply press another easy key combination, enter your personal password, and double-click on the site you wish to visit. My Personal Favorites automatically opens your web browser and loads up your

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DzSoft Favorites Search 2.1: Convenient explorer bar to search in Internet Explorer Favorites

DzSoft Favorites Search 2.1

Internet Explorer plug-in that adds a convenient explorer bar to search in Favorites, much the same like you search in the History. If you are an active user of Internet Explorer Favorites, this little program will save much time for you and make your web surfing much more pleasant, and DzSoft Favorites Search is highly recommended for you.

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1st TurboRun Internet 1.0: Too many favorites? Not a problem anymore! Open any favorite web site instantly!

1st TurboRun Internet 1.0

Too many favorites? Not a problem anymore! You don`t have to launch your browser and look through endless Favorites menu just to visit your favorite web site. Just type a few letters of the desired web site title and then press Enter to open it. This program narrows down the list of matching favorites as you type. Also, you can find all recently saved favorites in seconds, even if you forgot their names!

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SharePoint List Filter Favorites Save filter configuration based on current view; load saved filter configuration

SharePoint List Filter Favorites

Favorites submenu; Save and Load filtered views to avoid repeating creating same Filtered Views; Can delete/rename saved filtered views from Organize Favorite Filters submenu. SharePoint List Filter Favorites make it more convenient to create and save filtered views by adding filtered views to Filter Favorite submenu. You can also delete it or rename it. Then you can load and use the filtered views as SharePoint views. SharePoint List Filter Favorites

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FavoritesView 1.31: displays the list of all your Favorties/bookmarks in a single page.

FavoritesView 1.31

FavoritesView displays the list of all your Favorties (of Internet Explorer browser) and bookmarks (of Netscape/Mozilla browsers) in a single page. Each line in the list specifies the title of the item, the URL address, the created/modified date, and the folder name. You select one or more of these bookmarks, and then copy them to the clipboard, delete them (Only for Internet Explorer Favorites), or export them to file.

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Simple Favorites to be the intimate friend for internet.

Simple Favorites

In your network life, are there many favorite sites you want to collect, but too many of the collection sites are too cumbersome, now you need a simple, and intuitive favorites, simple favorites can do this job to meet your requirements. After Re-install the system, the collection site will not be lost; click group option to save Web site; you can also move up or down the popular Web site and ; can name your favorite sites freely.

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Swift Start 2.0.17: Swift Start the most convenient and time saving favorites manager

Swift Start 2.0.17

SwiftStart is a addictive and productive Desktop favorites manager with 51 builtin favorites to most common websites, Favorites can be websites, windows folder(s), or file(s), Supports tagging, Works with Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox, Easy to use, look and feel like a web application, Freeware

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